Excessive is the new sexy

by PWSux on July 7, 2011

It seems as if everything Ree Drummond does is to excess.  If a recipe calls for a stick of butter, add two.  If you need a guest room, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars remodeling an extra house you have laying around.  If you’re having guests for the Fourth of July, make it 150 people.  Housing wild mustangs?  Don’t take a couple hundred, take a couple THOUSAND.

It’s all about the excess.  The shock value.  The “no fucking way!” value.  And it seems to extend through the entire family, even Missy.

I know, I know.  I can’t believe I’m about to pick on Missy.  I can’t let this go though.

Now I love marinated tomatoes as much as the next guy, but come on……… 2 lbs of tomatoes is maybe 6 or even 7 and she used a cup, A CUP, of canola oil?  Why?

No, seriously, I’m asking why.

I make marinated tomatoes all the time and I’ve never heard of using that much oil.  What’s the point?  I drizzle.  I may even “pour” if it’s a huge batch but I can’t imagine adding an entire cup of oil – what a waste.

And yes.  It’s been THAT dull and boring on Ree’s site that I’ve resorted to picking on the one thing that stood out to me this week which happened to be Missy’s use of a cup of oil.  Something tells me that something’s about to happen in Pioneer Woman’s world.  She’s clearly distracted and not paying a bit of attention to her blog, other than the photography entries.

By the way, just what IS UP with her photography section?  Remember when it used to be about photography?  Tutorials, actions, ideas, explanations, fairly cool shit?  When was the last time there was anything, ANYTHING of substance in that section?  I glanced through and it there was a mention of the difference between “backlight” and “frontlight” (thank GOD, because I never would have figured that out!) in April but other than that………. nothing.  Just one contest after another.

Ahhhhhhh, contest.


Blog visits.

Documented traffic.

Drooling fans.

Black gold.

Never mind.  Question answered.


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