Road trip to Drummond territory

by PWSux on June 6, 2011

Whew!  Where to begin?  For those of you saw my tweets yesterday you know that this turned out to be a most interesting trip! LOL

It started with a friend telling me that she was horse hunting and heading over to Bartlesville for the day to see a man about a horse.  She asked if I’d come along and I suggested we start our trip east of the horse with a visit to Ree’s local world.  So we met up somewhere around Ponca City and were soon heading to Pawhuska.

She’s never heard of Ree Drummond so I had to fill her in a little on the way.

Before long we spotted them…..


Some curious mustangs at the highway fence.  Please notice the lack of photoshop actions – THIS, my friends, is what the grass and sky actually look like in Oklahoma (no offense to any okies).  I know!  What an amazing bit of investigative reporting right there!


Shortly after seeing these beauties we came across the pipe overhead with Drummond Ranch blazing across.

We were close.

We entered Pawhuska and noticed the Midway Cafe right off – in an amazing coincidence we were starving so we went in for lunch.  I can say with absolute confidence that you haven’t LIVED until you try their Breathless Burger with hand-battered onion rings.  I died and went to heaven right there in the booth.

I informed our waitress that I was interested in hearing what the locals thought of their Pioneer Woman and was met with a large eyeroll.  “Don’t much care for her.  She’s quite rude.”  That was pretty much the end of that conversation so we went back to eating.

The infamous basil-less Pawhuska Hometown Foods was right across the street so I thought it would be fun to stop in after we finished — I also wanted to grab some Head Country BBQ sauce after hearing such rave reviews from the locals.  I picked up my jars and headed over to the produce section so I could see this basil-less monstrosity for myself and found Alex looking right at me as I turned out of my aisle.

I stopped short thinking, “Wow that girl looks just like Alex.”

Then the girl behind her turned and I knew it was Paige.

“Holy shit, both the Drummond girls are right here in front of me – how freaky is THAT?” I thought.

I turned the corner and saw Ree standing there with a cart, smiling into the Food Network cameras.

I was, literally, in shock.  She was in all her glory, smiling away and talking nonstop as she sent the girls scurrying like ants all over the produce section grabbing things and returning to the cart.  Giggling, “over here…..”, and that weird-shade-of-Godawful-red hair ….. it was like a vision.  Like a vision from a nightmare.

I watched for a minute and noticed Paige looking back at me several times (yes Ree, that was me in the V-neck black tshirt with sunglasses right next to the apples that Paige kept looking at) and thought, “Do I take a picture?  No, that would be too much.  Do I say something like Hey everyone!  I’m PWSux!  No that would be WAY too much.  Better just let her continue holding court and be on your way.”

So I left.

I went to checkout and asked the cashier if she was aware there was a film crew in the produce section.  She rolled her eyes even bigger than the waitress and said, “Yeah they’re filming Ree Drummond.  Following her around I guess.”

“Really?  Interesting.  I tend to follow The Pioneer Woman Sux so I’m not a fan of hers,” I replied.

The cashier then told me that she couldn’t believe Ree was even in the store because normally she sits outside and has the girls run in for her, which is fine with the cashiers because when she does come in she’s very rude and not friendly at all.  She figured with the film crew following Ree that she’d probably be all friendly today and seemed sort of disgusted by that – mentioning that she was off in just a few minutes so she was in luck and wouldn’t have to witness the false niceness.

I went out to the car and told my friend, “You are NOT going to believe this!”  After explaining, she decided she wanted to see this Pioneer Woman for herself and we headed back in – she also needed some BBQ sauce.

After grabbing the sauce we went into produce and my friend was shocked.  “She doesn’t look like any rancher’s wife I’ve ever seen!”

Ree was out in the open main aisle now, actually the film crew was blocking a couple aisles and I noticed an older woman couldn’t get through, so I could now see her from head to toe.

Oh. My. God.

On a Sunday afternoon with a temperature of 99 degrees Ree Drummond was waltzing through this small town grocery store wearing 4″ bright green espadrilles, some kind of strange high-water black pants that were neither “pants” nor “capris” but simply high-water pants that flaired at the bottom and hit just 2″ or so above her ankle (I mean they looked WEIRD) and a LONG-SLEEVE black flowy tunic with red flowers (or apples?) on it.  It was the strangest outfit I’ve ever seen.

“Who dresses like that?  Why is she wearing bright green shoes with all black and WHY is she wearing long-sleeves?” My friend asked.

I figured maybe she was filming a cool fall segment of the show or something but then we noticed Paige and Alex wearing shorts and tshirts.  Then we saw the couple in front of us and heard the woman speak.  “You have GOT to be kidding me?  Are you serious?  Why are they filming *her*?”   I mentioned that Ree had a cooking show coming out this summer or fall and they seemed shocked.  My friend wondered aloud if Ree even knew that the store was full of “little people” who were trying to freaking shop while she kept up her constant drivel.  We also noticed that Paige was REALLY giving us the once-over and decided to exit.

In a short time we were pulling into a gas station just inside Bartlesville and asking a nice woman for directions to the mall.  When I mentioned Ree Drummond she scrunched up her little nose and said that she wasn’t much liked in the area and that “golf course” she grew up on was just west of the mall.  So we headed off to find Washington street and as we turned the corner we saw…..


Ree’s second home.  The other love of her life.  Didn’t she “live for Starbucks”?  Or want to marry it or something?

Yeah well they don’t know her in there so it’s news to them that she frequents their establishment.  We were told, with the upmost politeness, that they’ve seen her in there “once or twice” but that’s about it.

How odd?

As we proceeded down the road drinking our coffees we came across……..



And just down the road we ended up at the mall.


We wandered around and ended up getting some cool new boots and hats in Cavender’s.  The cowboy in Cavender’s said he’d heard of the Drummonds but not Ree.  When I mentioned the Food Network crew filming her for a show he had a lightbulb go off and told us that the Drummond Foreman’s son brought his girlfriend in for a new hat the other day and talked about the Food Network filming nonstop.  Said they all had to be wearing hats or something when they were filmed.  Other than that, the three of the employees there didn’t have a clue who she was.

We took a tour of the Hillcrest golf course area and, although very nice, wasn’t anything THAT special.  The home were neat and well-kept but they look just like every other middle-class home built in the 50’s and 60’s.

That pretty much summed up my “local” experience since we had to head south to Ochelata to see the horse.


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