Please fuck off

by PWSux on June 7, 2011

What?  I said please.

As a result of yesterday’s post, over the course of 22 hours I’ve received nearly 20 emails from people getting really nasty with me and saying FAR worse than I’ve ever said here on this blog.

Not only that, but you can see all the people calling me a stalker, creepy, weird, etc in the comments below.


The extent of me “stalking” Ree on a 3-day trip that had NOTHING to do with her but caused me to be in her state driving right by her ranch was that I turned right and drove about 2 miles down the road in Bartlesville to see the infamous golf course when I KNEW FOR A FACT that she no longer lived there or was anywhere in the vicinity considering I’d just seen her in person about 45 miles away.

Other than that, I slowed down on the highway to take 2 pics of pretty horses on her land and I asked 5 locals if they had an opinion about her.

So fucking sue me.

CLEARLY I am all that you claim and should be tossed into a mental ward.

I personally think it’s MORE stalkerish to wait in line for 3 hrs just to get a glimpse of her, taking pics of her, her husband, AND her kids all the while, and stay until like midnight just to get a picture with her and her autograph.

But that’s just me.

Not only am I dealing with the emails and comments but then *I* get fucking crazy ass commenters like Jeff.  Or Rose.


Here’s a little closer view

Yes, it’s so obvious to me that *I’m* the stalker.  The one who’s creepy and weird.

So for all of you like this, fuck off.


**And I’m going to edit this to paste a comment I made below.

You know, for all of you who think I “stalked” her or it’s “weird” let me just say this – had I KNOWN she was going to be in that store, I wouldn’t have gone in. I didn’t take a picture, didn’t disrupt her or the film crew, didn’t cause a scene, didn’t say a word.

Ree has been in *my* town twice to promote her books and several of the towns within driving distance and I’ve never ONCE gone there. There are, however, many of her fans that would freak me out a thousand times worse than my little pitstop. Go “help” them. Give your psych evaluations to them.

I’ll delete any further stalkerish type comments. And you can kiss my ass.


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