Folks, I just don’t know what to say

by PWSux on June 30, 2011

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t started drinking yet today. Yet. Because I’m beginning to seriously wonder just what the fuck is going on with Ree.

She has admitted that her blog earned “solidly one million” last year — which WE all know is a drop in the bucket for what she actually earned — so even giving her the benefit of the doubt and sticking with $1 million a year, she’s earning nearly $3,000 A DAY (and let’s face it, we all KNOW she earns more but we’ll run with that figure). What does her adoring public get for that $3,000 A DAY?

Well so far this week she’s had three posts in confessions which happened like this –

  • A random, stoned-out-of-her-mind rambling about her fake anti-social feelings which only the most inebriated could begin to understand.
  • A post comparing cats & dogs using lots of old pictures of both.
  • A post where she tried to be “artsy” using alliteration and more old pictures.
  • An entry in Cooking where she actually LISTED the ingredients, recipe, directions and 23 (say it with me….. TWENTY THREE) pictures for caprese salad all while leaving out the ONE fucking crucial point – you can ONLY make this with homegrown/farmer’s market tomatoes.  Do not even attempt it with orange rocks from the store.
  • Had a contest.
  • Post some strange pictures of her attic and then posted the subsequent (shocking!) emails/ideas that fans sent her.

That’s it.

So far this week, she’s conservatively earned $15,000

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite certain she’s been busy.  She’s got to get everyone up and out of the house so she can violently go back to bed.

She’s got to pick her toes.  Her nose.  Her va-jay-jay.  All kinds of things.

She’s got to get the Lodge ready for the next set of tax write-offs guests.

She’s got to buy more butter.

Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about all that work!


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