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by PWSux on February 15, 2011

OK y’all KNOW how much I love money!  And you know what that means…  that’s right folks, I love the US Mint!  They do all kinds of fancy stuff there with real big machines.  I mean BIG.  They print money, they have lots of people working there, and they use BIG machines in huge-ass buildings.

Well because it’s Tuesday and because I love y’all more ‘n my luggage, I’m giving away some money!  That’s right!

All you have to do is go through the archives of and count up how many times Ree has posted that stupid fucking picture of her and then post here in the comments.  I KNOW y’all know what I’m talking about.

I know it’ll be painful.  Some of you won’t make it.  Many have tried.

“Tried and failed?”

Tried and died.

Winner will be randomly chosen whenever I feel like it and I may or may not let you know who it is.

Alrighty then….. GO FOR IT!  And good luck!



DISCLAIMER:  The US Mint isn’t sponsoring this post and they probably have no idea who I am, unlike the FBI.  This post is a total joke and I have no intention of actually giving any money away.  It’s a joke, kind of a parody.  Get it?


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